Slip-and-fall accident facts property owners should know

Our Blog,Premises Liability | December 2, 2017

Slip-and-fall accidents can kill, especially when property owners in California fail to keep their properties safe and free of dangers. If you’re a property owner, and you’re not already aware of how dangerous these events are, then it’s time for you to learn the facts.

Knowing the following facts should encourage all property owners to run as tight a ship as possible when it comes premises safety:

  • Both men and women suffer from slip-and-fall fatalities equally. However, women are more likely to slip and fall. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that 5 percent of female slip-and-fall accidents happen at work, while 11 percent of male slip-and-fall accidents happen at work.
  • Falls bring more than eight million people to the emergency room every year, so they’re the most prevalent cause of emergency room care.
  • The most serious fall injuries, fractures, happen in approximately 5 percent of people.
  • Fifty percent of accidental deaths at home happen because of falls. Most of these fall injuries happen at on the ground level, and they’re not caused by falling from heights.
  • Hip fractures are the most serious of all fall complications. These lead to the most health issues and deaths.
  • One out of three people over 65 years of age will have a fall accident, and half of these are people who have fallen before.
  • For those between the ages of 65 and 84, fall injuries are the second most common reason for injury-related death. For people over the age of 85, falls are the primary reason injury-related death.

These are just some of the slip-and-fall accident statistics that property owners need to know about. Property owners should also know that if they fail to keep their properties safe, fall victims can pursue civil actions in court to hold them financially liable for the accidents and injuries that occur.