Simple advice to prevent motorcycle injuries

Our Blog,personal injury | August 28, 2017

Sometimes it’s the simplest advice that offers the best results in terms of motorcycle safety. The easier and simpler a piece advice happens to be, the more likely motorcyclists will follow the advice and benefit from it. With this in mind, here are some great tips to prevent motorcycle crashes from State Farm Insurance:

  • Get the right safety equipment: Motorcyclists should wear long-sleeved clothing and long pants, preferably made from leather or another material intended for motorcycle safety. They should also wear boots that protect the ankles, eye protection and gloves.
  • Be as visible as possible: Wearing bright colors is a great way to stay visible. Also include clothing that has reflective elements, or add a reflective vest to your outfit. Keep your motorcycle headlight on and honk if necessary to be noticed.
  • Keep your face protected: There are a lot of motorcycle helmets that don’t protect the face and chin, but these are some of the most vulnerable areas of your body during a crash. Without face protection, you’ll have double the chance of suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • Stay alert, especially at intersections: Fifty percent of motorcycle accidents happen at intersections. Be careful in these areas, and stay mindful of the fact that many motorists are distracted, texting on cellphones and not paying attention. Scan ahead for potentially inattentive drivers and look out for road hazards.

There’s no way to protect yourself fully from getting hurt in a motorcycle accident. If you do get injured — due to the fault of an unlawful or negligent motorist — you may have a viable personal injury claim to pursue financial damages in court.

Source: State Farm, “Tips To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents,” accessed Aug. 24, 2017