Settlement reached in California injury accident

Our Blog,Pedestrian Accidents | June 24, 2016

Musician David Crosby agreed to pay a man and his son a total of $3 million to settle a case stemming from a March 2015 accident in California. The accident occurred when Crosby hit the man, who was jogging with his son, with his Tesla after the man tried to give him room to pass. The man suffered a broken leg, arm and shoulder as well as kidney damage.

According to court filings, the man believes that Crosby was intoxicated at the time of the crash. However, a police officer at the scene said that there was no indication that drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident. As a result of the settlement, the injured jogger will receive $2.95 million while his son will receive $50,000.

If an individual is hit by a car, the driver who caused the crash may be liable for civil damages. Those damages may pay for medical bills, lost wages and lost earnings. They may also pay for modifications to a home or car that are necessary because of injuries suffered in an accident. Family members may be compensated for the loss of consortium as well.

Attorneys may be helpful in a personal injury case because they may be able to establish that injuries occurred because of the negligence of a driver. For instance, if a driver is intoxicated or otherwise impaired, that may be enough to prove negligence. Civil damages may be awarded regardless of whether the person who caused the accident was charged with or convicted of any criminal offenses associated with the incident.