San Jose crash caused by poor road markings, investigators say

Our Blog,personal injury | April 11, 2017

No one expects to be involved in a collision when they are traveling, least of all when they’re on a bus. That is what happened in this case, though, when a driver collided into a barrier on the highway.

The fatal crash that took place in San Jose was a result of bad lane markings, according to a report. Investigators had believed that it may have been the fatigued driver who caused the accident on Highway 101, but it turns out that there were inadequate road markings on the highway. The lack of markings led to the 2016 Greyhound bus crash that injured over a dozen people and killed two.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) stated that there were San Jose fatal crash: Bad lane markings sent Greyhound bus into barrier, report says,” Robert Salonga, March 29, 2017