Roseville Fatal Car Accidents

For residents of Roseville, it is not likely you think much about the number of people suffering serious injury and losses of life after a car accident. Yet, it may shock you to know that Roseville fatal car accidents occur often, and many times, they are a preventable form of death.

As a trusted, results-driven legal team, Rosenthal Law has been helping families of victims obtain the compensation they deserve after a fatal car accident. That is money you may be able to use to care for your needs while you struggle with long-term grief. However, you need to know your rights. Talk to a Sacramento car accident attorney today.

Fatal Car Accidents Occur Regularly in Roseville

The number of car accidents that occur in Roseville amounts to thousands. Most people in such a car accident do not have any injuries. Many others suffer life-threatening and complex injuries that may put them out of work for months while they deal with pain.

For others, fatalities occur. Some data indicates that in 2021, the city of Roseville itself saw 10 fatal car accidents involving 17 people. Those could be kids on their way to school, teens driving their first car, or those who are adults on their way to work each day. Fatal car accidents in Roseville can devastate families.

Filing a Claim for Roseville Fatal Car Accidents

If you suffer the loss of a family member due to a car accident someone else caused, you have the right to compensation for that loss in some situations. The final costs of that person, such as their end-of-life medical care as well as funeral and burial costs, can often be recouped to the estate itself.

For those who are financially dependent on a person who has died as a result of a fatal car accident in Roseville, know that you may be able to obtain additional compensation for your losses. Our attorneys can work with you to get the information needed. Our team of attorneys will help you determine:

  • If you are likely to qualify for Roseville car accident complications
  • How much your family member suffered from this loss
  • What amount of losses you suffered due to that person no longer being in your life

With this information, your Roseville fatal car accident attorney will work diligently to pursue full compensation for you. There is nothing that will ease the pain you feel, but knowing you can take some time to heal because your financial needs are met can be very important to many people. With the help of a trusted attorney, you can feel comfortable moving forward with this type of case.

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