Rollover accidents: Why they happen and how to avoid them

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | December 13, 2017

Car rollover accidents are some of the most terrifying. People become trapped inside and could be crushed or worse. Rollover accidents can involve any vehicle, whether it’s a tall SUV or a smaller passenger car. In the right conditions, any vehicle has the potential to roll.

Vehicles normally roll because of sideways forces. For example, if your vehicle is hit from the side, it may be pushed up onto its side and roll. If you are pushed sideways over the side of the road, the lack of traction under the wheels could cause the vehicle to roll over. Even hitting a curb wrong could result in a car flipping.

How can people avoid rollover accidents?

Some simple tips include staying below the speed limit, knowing when the weather conditions are extremely windy or risky to drive in and to have a newer vehicle. When you stay below the speed limit, you limit how much force impacts your car or truck. When the weather is windy, it is particularly important to know when it’s too dangerous to drive. High winds have been known to force vehicles off the roads.

Of course, having a new vehicle is another way you can keep yourself safer. Better safety technology and structures prevent injuries in rollover crashes and actually help prevent them, too. Electronic stability control and side airbags both provide additional protection in the case your vehicle slides or ends up in a crash.

If you are struck and have a vehicle that rolled or was crushed, you have rights as a victim. You may need medical care or other assistance, and that is something the negligent party should pay for.

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