Research suggests dog attacks are unpredictable

Dog Bites & Injuries,Our Blog | August 20, 2015

Dog bites are the cause of serious injuries in California every year, especially to young children. Scientists at the University of Liverpool found that dog bites may not be as preventable as previously thought. The team interviewed dog bite victims to learn about what the victims perceived about the attacks in order to learn more about why dog bites occur.

Researchers found that methods that were once thought effective, such as identifying when a dog is acting aggressive, are not enough to prevent a dog attack. Many victims stated that there was no interaction with the dog before an attack occurred. Some victims blamed themselves for the attack rather than the animal, while others who were not familiar with the dog that attacked them blamed the owner.

The research suggested that there was not enough information about why dog bites occur to be able to predict when they are about to happen. Careful selection and training may reduce the chances a dog bite will occur, but it’s important for anyone handling a dog to remember that any dog can bite at any time for any reason.

Dog bites can lead to serious injuries, causing victims to incur costly medical expenses and possibly suffer disfigurement, especially if the dog bites the victim’s face. In California, dog owners are held liable if their dog bites another person, meaning that the owner does not need to be aware of the dog’s aggressive tendencies to be held responsible for a dog attack. In such an instance, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help pursue compensation for the damages that a victim has sustained.