Repeated drunk truck driver has privileges shut down by FMCSA

Our Blog,truck accidents | April 7, 2016

Authorities in California try to be vigilant about possible dangers on the road that can result in a truck accident. With the numerous problems that can result from a crash, one of the most dangerous issues is a drunk truck driver. One driver in particular has had his driving privileges shut down by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration due to repeated incidents of driving under the influence.

The man, whose license is in California, was issued a citation by law enforcement in Illinois because of driving under the influence. His blood alcohol content registered at .308, which is more than seven times the legal amount for commercial vehicle drives. He was also cited for possessing an intoxicant while he was on duty, for failing to keep his trucking log for the previous week, for transporting alcohol illegally, and for an improper lane change.

The driver had received two convictions in Connecticut and one in Massachusetts for violations linked to alcohol. In November of 2012, he refused to take a breath test in Connecticut and received a suspension of his CDL for around eight months. Little more than a month later, he was convicted of the same infraction and his CDL was suspended for 15 months. In 2007, his license was suspended after the Massachusetts conviction.

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Source: Overdrive Online, “FMCSA shuts down Calif.-based driver after multiple DUI convictions“, April 4, 2016