Rehab costs make some accident settlements higher than others

Our Blog,personal injury | March 6, 2017

It is a common claim for personal injury attorneys to tout how much (in total) they have been able to recover for victims of car and truck accidents. Of course, large jury verdicts and settlements are a testament to how hard an attorney works to ensure that his or her clients are made whole after a huge accident. But these awards are more than just a message to be sent to drivers (and their employers) who may have been negligent

In a number of cases, the amounts awarded are for rehabilitation costs and physical therapy needed to get the person back to where they were physically after an accident. A prime example is the journey that comedian Tracy Morgan has had to travel since being in a horrific accident in June 2014. The limousine van he was riding in was struck by a Wal-Mart semi-truck. Several people were injured and one man was killed.

In interviews given since the accident, Morgan explained that he had his good days and bad days and that his recovery was a long, tedious road. He was rarely seen in public for over a year, he used the assistance of a walker to get around for many months after the accident.

Morgan eventually returned to work; even hosting Saturday Night Live in October 2015 and landing a role in the movie “Fist Fight” which was released in February. While Morgan’s story stands as a success story for those who have been injured in truck accidents, it is also an example of the costs that come with rehabilitation.