Rafting accident has a happy ending after days of searching

Our Blog,personal injury | July 19, 2017

The summer is here, and you might be excited to get on the river to go rafting. If you are planning to go rafting, it’s important to take precautions to avoid injuries. A July 10 news report discussed a man who went missing after a

He fortunately made it out of the woods safely, and the other rafters were located and reunited. How can you prevent something like this from happening to you?

First, understand that there are different kinds of rafts to consider if you’re going rafting. You should not use pool-grade items. If a raft you use is not marked with its strength or where it is intended to be used, the manufacturer may be at fault for not indicating the proper use of the item.

If you do plan to go out on a raft you aren’t sure of, take supplies with you. You should have a map of the area, a supply of food and water and other gear to survive if you end up having to hike when you were expecting not to. While rafting, wear appropriate safety gear, like a helmet and life jacket, so you are less likely to drown or suffer a blow to the head.

Source: MyMotherLode, “Update: Safer Rafting Discussed After Missing Southern California Man Located,” B.J. Hansen, Tori James, July 10, 2017