Preparing your motorcycle for the spring season

Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog | March 16, 2018

The spring season is right around the corner across the country. With the change of seasons bearing down on us, you are likely itching at getting back on your motorcycle and hitting the road. You need to make sure that the bike is ready for all that spring will throw at it and you when out riding. Here are some tips for preparing your motorcycle for spring.

It’s best not to ride your bike using old fuel. If you did not empty the fuel tank prior to storing your bike in the winter, then now is the time to do so. You should get rid of the old fuel and put a new tank of gas in the motorcycle.

The most experienced riders will keep their bike’s battery connected to what’s called a trickle charger when stored. This ensures that the battery does not drain down while in storage. If not, you can still buy one and charge the battery before the first ride of the spring.

Check the tires for flat spots since the bike sat stationary for a long period of time. If any area of the tires are flat, you will want to replace the tires before the first ride. If the tires don’t have flat areas, you should check the pressure of each tire and put air in them when needed.

You should also change the oil and the filter before riding off into the sunset of a spring day. This is especially important if you did not change the oil or filter prior to storing the motorcycle for the winter.

If you have followed the tips outlined in this post, your motorcycle should be ready to go once the weather turns warmer in Roseville. Should you suffer an injury in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to seek medical treatment immediately. Never refuse treatment as delayed onset of pain can be a big problem. Then, speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Sacramento about your legal options.