Pregnant woman dies in California car accident

Car Accidents | July 31, 2014

In a recent vehicle crash, a woman who was four months pregnant ended up passing away. Police said drunken driving may have caused this car accident in California. This type of motor vehicle accident understandably leaves the victim’s family filled with heartache and even anger.

The crash took place in the area of Highway 44. It happened on a recent Friday night after 9 p.m. One car suddenly entered the path of oncoming traffic and collided with a fence.

The car then flipped over multiple times, according to police. Bystanders were able to rescue the four occupants of the car before it caught fire. However a 20-year-old pregnant woman suffered significant injuries and was taken to the hospital. The woman died from her serious blunt-force trauma, while the driver along with two other people who were riding in the car suffered serious injuries as well.

Police said they believed that alcohol was a causal factor in this car accident. They arrested a man, said to be 36 years old, as a result. The surviving family members of the deceased pregnant woman have the right to file a wrongful death suit against the alleged drunk driver in civil court. If the driver ends up being convicted on drunk driving charges, evidence of this can be used to try to prove that he is liable for the death caused by the California wreck. Monetary damages awarded in a successful claim can help to address pain and suffering stemming from the tragic ordeal and move on with their lives.

Source: CBS San Francisco Bay Area, “Alcohol May Have Been A Factor In Crash That Killed Pregnant Shasta County Woman“, , July 26, 2014