Police officer on motorcycle killed in California

Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog | May 2, 2014

A police officer in California was not on duty when his life was claimed by an accident, according to reports. He was on the 91 Freeway, traveling in the westbound lanes, when the accident occurred. The crash took place at 9:30 in the morning.

Police have pieced together a few important aspects of the crash, such as the fact that the policeman’s motorcycle was in the carpool lane. The police have said that a vehicle merged over, causing the accident. It was legal for the merge to occur at the time that it did, so this action alone did not break any traffic laws.

However, the vehicle did collide with the motorcycle, and the officer was thrown from the bike. He went over the divider between the lanes, and he landed in the path of a vehicle on the other side that was traveling east.

Officers who showed up found it hard to see one of their own who had passed away since they knew him so well; some talked of joking and laughing with him at the office. To show him a final measure of respect, they used a flag to cover his body. When he was transported from the scene, other officers provided an escort.

When the details are sorted out after a motorcycle accident and the responsible party is named, the family of a person who died as no fault of their own should be well aware of their rights, stemming from the tragedy. They may be able to get monetary compensation to allow them to pay for medical expenses, funeral expenses and even the loss of the wages that the person who was killed used to bring in for the family.

Source: ABC7, “Off-duty police officer killed in crash on 91 Freeway in Corona” Miriam Hernandez, May. 01, 2014