Personal injury lawyers stand up for injured pedestrians

Our Blog,Pedestrian Accidents | May 5, 2014

Sacramento officials have worked hard to make the city pedestrian friendly; however, motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians continue to occur, often because of negligent and inattentive drivers.

Obviously a human being is no match for a motor vehicle, so injuries resulting from pedestrian accidents are often catastrophic, even if the vehicle wasn’t traveling very fast at the time.

Anyone who has been involved in a pedestrian accident or knows someone who has will likely tell you that their lives changed within an instant. A person can go from crossing the street in a designated crosswalk one minute to being tossed like a ragdoll across the roadway the very next.

While drivers usually don’t intend to hit pedestrians, the accidents are often the result of negligence, which is something drivers can be held responsible for in civil court. Examples of negligence include a driver who was distracted, speeding or drunk when the pedestrian was hit.

When the driver was breaking a law when the pedestrian accident occurred — such as by drunk driving or texting while driving — criminal charges may also apply. However, a driver doesn’t necessarily have to break the law in order to be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal injury claims can be vital for pedestrian accident victims, who are often left with extreme medical bills and other financial damages as a result of the accident. Even though the driver’s insurance company might offer the victim a settlement right away, it might not be fair or reasonable.

Victims are often in a fragile state following pedestrian accidents, both physically and emotionally. That’s why it’s vital to work with a compassionate personal injury lawyer who will fight for your rights while you focus on your recovery.

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