Pedestrian accident at ice cream shop kills 1, injures 6

Pedestrian Accidents | May 8, 2014

Several people who were simply waiting to order ice cream, enjoying life on a recent Friday night, ended up getting injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident. In addition, one woman lost her life. When a California pedestrian accident occurs, it is normal for the family members of those who are injured or killed to be distraught and demand answers to their questions.

Reportedly, an SUV left a parking spot and plowed into a tiny crowd standing and sitting outside an ice cream shop. The SUV also struck a fence. An elderly individual was driving the vehicle, according to police.

One witness said it appeared that the driver accidentally hit the gas rather than the brake pedal. A woman, 73, was sitting in the area and was struck by the vehicle and trapped underneath it. She was taken to the hospital and passed away there.

Another five individuals were taken to the hospital, while yet another person received treatment for injuries at the crash site. The SUV driver and his passenger suffered no injuries. As the official investigation continues, it remains to be seen if the man will be charged in connection with the tragedy. Regardless, he may face a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the dead woman’s family and/or personal injury lawsuits filed by those injured as a result of the pedestrian accident. If the man is found to have been negligent, then the plaintiffs may be awarded financial restitution to address their hospital costs, funeral costs and other losses caused by the situation in California.

Source: The Huffington Post, “SUV Crashes Into Crowd At California Ice Cream Shop, Killing 1”, Michael McLaughlin, April 26, 2014