Parking lot accidents 101: How to avoid them

Car Accidents,Our Blog | November 17, 2014

Black Friday is right around the corner, which means that many Sacramento residents will soon be heading to local shopping centers to kick off their holiday shopping. However, the excitement of one of the busiest shopping days of the year can come to a screeching halt when drivers are involved in parking lot accidents.

Even though people usually travel at slow speeds in parking lots, accidents are very common and can do a lot of damage. In fact, even what appears to be a minor fender-bender can result in thousands of dollars in damages and serious injuries to the drivers and passengers involved.

This week on the blog we are going to be discussing the topic of parking lot accidents, including how to avoid them and which driver may be at fault. Then, we will discuss what to do if you have been involved in a parking lot accident.

If you are like most people and plan on going to Black Friday sales or doing extra shopping over the holidays, keep these tips from State Farm insurance in mind for avoiding parking lot accidents:

Drive with added caution. Proceed slowly and on high alert so that you have a chance to react to other drivers who may pull out in front of you or be driving too fast. Even if you are being safe, you need to be prepared for other drivers who may not be.

Keep away from other vehicles. Although it’s most convenient to park as close to your destination as possible, distancing yourself from other vehicles can help you avoid being the victim or a door-ding or a hit-and-run accident while you are away from your vehicle.

Keep an eye out for pedestrians. People on foot have a tendency to step right out in front of cars in parking lots so be ready to slam on the breaks if necessary. Also, be watchful of children who get away from their parents or run out from behind parked cars.

Check back later for our next installment, Parking lot accidents 101: Who is at fault?