Parents should be wary of drinking and driving on prom night

Our Blog,personal injury | February 26, 2017

Indeed, the unusually rainy weather has dominated headlines in our region; but for teenagers, the rain will not damper the upcoming prom season. This annual night of glamour and fun is anticipated all year and remembered for a lifetime. However, the proliferation of alcohol use can mar these nights.

While distracted driving continues to create a unique and prominent danger for teens, drinking and driving should not be forgotten. A Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) survey presents some interesting information about underage drinking and teen driving habits. While less than 10 percent actually admitted drinking and driving, it is very likely that more kids are doing so. After all, many teens are unwilling to admit to some of their vices out of fear of being charged with a crime.

Nevertheless, underage drinking is a dangerous issue with Sacramento area teens, especially considering their driving habits. Teens are known for driving above the speed limit, having a number of people in their vehicles (even though it is against the law) and bowing to peer pressure. With alcohol lowering their inhibitions and reducing their faculties, aggressive drivers are more likely to be involved in alcohol-related accidents.

Ultimately, underage drinking is a crime. As such, anyone under age 21 with alcohol in their system while behind a wheel can face criminal penalties.