Obtaining compensation after a motorcycle accident

medical expenses,Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog | June 9, 2014

Motorcycles aren’t equipped with seatbelts, airbags and other safety devices that protect passengers of automobiles. That means when accidents occur, there is very little defending motorcyclists from the other vehicle or the pavement.

If you have been involved in a serious motorcycle accident, chances are that you have a long road ahead of you when it comes to recovery. Hospitalization, surgeries and extensive therapy are all common consequences of a motorcycle accident.

For this reason, our firm makes sure to cover all of the legal aspects of an accident while our client focuses on one thing: getting better.

Following a motorcycle accident there are many complex and unique issues that must be addressed, including accident reconstruction, roadway design, the California Vehicle Code and liability. Our firm is well-versed at addressing each of these matters so that our clients can get the compensation they deserve.

Our firm has represented California accident victims in thousands of cases over the years, and we make sure that each case ends with a successful recovery for our clients. If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, you have a right to submit a claim for all of the losses you suffered — and we can help.

Victims of motorcycle accidents are often able to obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages (both past and future), and pain and suffering. However, it’s not always easy to obtain fair compensation without an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side.

To find out more about our practice that is specifically aimed at representing victims of motorcycle accidents, please speak with one of our Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyers.