Motorcyclists can be safe and still suffer injuries in a crash

Our Blog | June 15, 2018

Motorcycle riders face unique risks when they are on the roads. For the most part, bikers and their passengers ride safely and the most significant dangers will come from cars and trucks in the lanes around them.

Whether you are new to motorcycles or have been riding for years, it never hurts to review some common-sense basics that too many bikers ignore.

Wearing the right gear

Many bikers don’t like hearing this, but there is no question that helmets are the most important piece of riding gear a biker can wear. So we’re saying it again here. But clothing worn while riding can make a big difference in the outcome of a crash, as well. Make sure that you wear clothing that can protect you from a road rash if you are struck and knocked off the motorcycle. There is a good reason leather has become associated with bikers over the decades. Sturdy shoes or riding boots are are a must just in case you have to stop suddenly.

Being cautious with passengers

Giving your buddies a ride on the motorcycle is a fun thing to do. However, you must ensure that you both fit on the bike comfortably. Your friend should have safety gear. Ask whether your passenger has ever ridden before. If not, go through some of the necessary safety precautions, to make sure they don’t fight the bike if they get nervous.

Using safe driving practices

It is often difficult for other drivers to know what a motorcyclist is going to do. This is due, in part, to the fact that they don’t understand how motorcycles work. One thing that might help motorcyclists avoid accidents is to use the brake when slowing down. You may be tempted to let off the throttle to slow down, but this won’t illuminate the brake light so the vehicles behind you might not realize that you are slowing down.

When the accident is another driver’s fault, seeking compensation may be in order. The motorcyclist will have to determine if this is an avenue worth pursuing. Compensation won’t erase impacts of the accident, but it helps significantly with the financial situation.