Motorcyclists are at risk this spring

Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog | March 27, 2018

Motorcyclists begin to head out on the roads more often in the spring, even here in California. Other motorists are more likely to be expecting them on the roads. The trouble is that motorcycles are still dangerous, and you can get badly hurt if you get into a crash.

Before you head out in the spring, here are a few tips you should know about riding safely. These are helpful handling hints that could help keep you on your bike and out of collisions.

1. Effectively use your brakes

Before you’re ever out on the roads, you need to fully understand how your brakes work. Front and rear brakes work the same, but potentially cause different reactions from the motorcycle. For example, if you’re traveling and only hit your front brake, the front wheel stops, and you could be thrown over your motorcycle. It’s a good idea to hit either the rear brake or both at the same time to avoid going over the front of the bike head first.

2. Know the time you have to avoid a crash

Most crashes take place in as little as three seconds from the time of the initial error to the collision itself. That means you only have a few moments to determine how to avoid a crash. An average human reacts in around 1.5 seconds. Whatever decision you make has to be the right one. It’s still highly unlikely that you can avoid the crash, but you may be able to slow yourself down enough to reduce your injuries.

3. Make yourself visible (and loud)

If you’ve ever heard a motorcycle revving so loudly that you’re sure everyone in the neighborhood is looking your way, then you know that sound is a good way to attract attention. It can help avoid a crash, just as standing out with bright colors and reflections draws attention to your form.

These are a few tips for staying safer when you ride. With some precautions, you can help yourself avoid crashes. For more information about what to do if you’re in a crash, speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer.