Motorcycle crashes are often the fault of other drivers

Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog | April 26, 2018

Motorcycles are a common sight in California, so drivers should know that they need to keep an eye out for these open vehicles. When car and truck drivers aren’t cautious, crashes can occur. Without the protection of a vehicle frame and body, motorcyclists can be seriously injured or killed in these crashes.

All it takes to keep bikers safe is a little help from other vehicle drivers. Most motorcyclists will drive in a safe manner, so they are doing their part. Here are some things you should know about motorcycle crashes.

Right of way for motorcyclists

It is all too easy for drivers to pretend like they should have the right of way over motorcycles since most vehicles are bigger than the bikes. Violating motorcyclists’ rights of way is what causes about two-thirds of accidents that involve other vehicles.

Some people attribute the lack of right of way obedience to being unable to see the motorcycles. While it is true that these vehicles have a small profile, not actively watching for them isn’t an excuse. All drivers must be especially careful around intersections since this is the most common place where crashes will occur.

Another issue that drivers might have is being able to see these motorcycles around hazards like parked cars and shrubbery. While it might be difficult to remember to slow down when there are obstacles in the line of sight, motorists should still take their time so that an innocent life isn’t claimed in a crash.

Increased risk of death or injury

Motorcyclists are injured and killed at a higher rate than other vehicle drivers and passengers. In fact, bikers are five times more likely to suffer an injury in a crash. Even more shocking — they are 26 times more likely to die in one. These points are the sole reason why all drivers have to be careful when they are on the road, especially when the weather is nice enough for motorcyclists to enjoy a ride.

Financial recovery

Injuries can be minor — like road rash — or major, like spinal cord or brain injuries. Many injured riders have to take off time from work in order to heal. Medical expenses add up quickly, making a difficult financial situation even worse for accident victims.

Bikers injured due to others’ negligence often pursue compensation with the help of motorcycle accident lawyers. Even if you are not the “suing type,” you still have the right to recover what you have lost.