Motorcycle accidents in Roseville, California

Our Blog,personal injury | May 5, 2017

Unless you’re a motorcyclist yourself, you may not realize that motorcycle riders are some of the best and safest drivers on the road. This is because they cannot afford to take the same kinds of risks that car drivers can.

A motorcyclist doesn’t have any kind of protection — aside from a helmet — when he or she gets into a crash. Meanwhile, car drivers are protected by heavy frames, airbags, advanced braking systems, windshields, seat belts and much, much more. In comparison to the average motorcyclist, the car driver is riding in a fully-protected tank that will prevent all manner of harm. Motorcyclists are riding in the open air, and even the slightest fender-bender can send a motorcycle rider flying, ejecting him or her onto the pavement to suffer serious and catastrophic injuries.

It’s for these reasons that motorcyclists can’t afford to be cavalier about safety. They need to pay close attention to every detail around them when riding in traffic. Not only do they have to watch out for cars, but they also have to watch out to ensure that the cars are watching out for them. So many motorists are too absorbed in their smartphones, or distracted by other things, to notice a motorcyclist — and this is how catastrophic and fatal crashes happen.