Motorcycle accident in California proves fatal

Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog | January 2, 2014

Motor vehicle accidents can be severe enough, but when at least one of the vehicles involved is a motorcycle, the risk to human life can be even higher. The body, while resilient, is still fragile and motorcycles offer much less protection than a car. Even experienced riders are no match for a car when a crash happens. Recently, a tragic motorcycle accident in California demonstrated the severity of these types of collisions.

The accident occurred in the afternoon when two people riding on a motorcycle hit a car that turned in front of them. The motorcycle did not have time to stop or avoid the impact. Both people on the bike were ejected. The driver of the motorcycle was rushed to a nearby hospital but pronounced dead there. The rider sustained severe injuries and was also taken to the same hospital, while the driver of the car had non life-threatening injuries.

Officials were forced to temporarily block part of the highway where the accident occurred in order for first responders to properly tend to the crash. Charges were not immediately made, and there is no information on possible contributing factors in the collision, such as drugs or alcohol. Investigators are still attempting to piece together all of the information surrounding the accident before proceeding.

When a motorcycle accident happens, the consequences can be even more dire for the victims and their families. If the driver of the car in California is determined to be at fault for the crash, he or she will possibly face criminal charges as well as possible litigation by the surviving motorcycle rider or the family of the deceased victim. A successfully litigated claim, usually completed with the help of a qualified Sacramento motorcycle crash lawyer, could help those affected by the crash. Financial compensation could be used to cover medical costs, funeral arrangements and any other expenses that may have resulted from the accident. The victims and their families have a long healing process ahead of them, but with time and help from those who can provide it, they will get through this difficult ordeal.

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