Mother hit, suffering from life-threatening injuries

Our Blog,personal injury | December 27, 2017

When someone tries to do a good deed, there’s no worse thing that could happen than for the individual to get hurt. Take, for example, this case in which a woman, who was helping a stalled driver, suffered serious, life-threatening injuries.

According to the Dec. 7 report, the woman stopped to help a driver who had stalled near Andrea Boulevard and Roseville Road. She’d been traveling with her children when she realized the other driver needed help, so she stopped. She was in the process of helping the driver when the worst possible scenario took place.

While she attempted to help the driver, another vehicle approached. Moments later, the woman was left with life-threatening injuries as she was struck. She had to be rushed to the hospital.

Right now, the police don’t believe that alcohol played a role in the crash. They reported that the stalled vehicle had its hazards on as well. It’s not clear what the other driver was doing or why he or she wouldn’t have seen the others on the roadway. The driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating during the investigation.

Crashes like this are devastating for everyone involved. When you suffer from a pedestrian accident like this, your life could be immediately in danger. Drivers need to monitor the roads well to prevent accidents; by paying attention and going to speed limit, most accidents can be avoided. If you are hit, remember that you have a right to seek compensation for your injuries and lost wages. Even accidents have repercussions that someone should be held accountable for.

Source: ABC 10 Connect, “Good Samaritan hit by car while helping with stalled vehicle,” Dec. 07, 2017