Model X autopilot feature prevents car crash

Car Accidents,Our Blog | August 15, 2016

Many California residents who have been following Tesla Motor’s rise to fame have probably heard about the controversy surrounding the vehicle maker’s Autopilot software. There have been numerous reported accidents where drivers had the Autopilot feature engaged but still became involved in collisions. However, a post on Facebook by a Tesla owner showed how the Autopilot feature actually prevented a crash.

The driver said that he was leaving Las Vegas in a Model X when a vehicle that was on the left suddenly crossed multiple lanes in front of him. The other vehicle came within a foot of the Tesla’s front bumper. The Autopilot software braked the car to prevent an impact. The driver stated that if Autopilot had not braked the car, the other vehicle would have clipped the front end, resulting in a high speed crash that could have potentially involved multiple vehicles.

The vehicle owner also mentioned in the post that the Autopilot feature made him more aware of his surroundings. This included where other vehicles were located on the road. This is because Autopilot allows drivers to assess their environment without having to keep their eyes peeled to the lane stripes in front of them.

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