Man’s death draws attention to poor care in Sacramento facility

Our Blog,personal injury | September 11, 2018

Personal injuries can occur in many different ways, and one of the worst is when an elderly person is injured because of the lack of care provided at a care facility. According to one news article from Sept. 5, a man was visiting his stepfather and became concerned when he found out that the man had fallen several times in the last year.

He was living at Carlton Senior Living, which is an assisted-living facility in Sacramento. The number of falls was frightening, and no changes were being made to help him avoid falls in the future. The man’s doctor prescribed him a wheelchair. He was also supposed to have alarms on his bed to let the staff know that he would be moving around and upright. This could indicate that he was a fall risk and help them know when to assist him.

Despite asking for these alarms to be installed, the facility never installed them in his bed. The family even asked them to do so multiple times. When the man visited his stepfather, he was told that the alarm would shortly be installed. He was assured that he wouldn’t have to worry and that the placement would be immediate. Just hours later, his stepfather had a devastating fall. He suffered fractures to the front of his skull and nasal bone, and he developed a brain bleed. The elderly man died weeks later at the age of 76. The death certificate names the fall as a contributing factor to his death.

Falls are nothing to joke about in a nursing home or assisted-living setting, and no elder should have to struggle in this way. If your loved one has been mistreated or injured, know that you can file a complaint and claim against the nursing home.