Left-turn accidents are common and deadly for motorcyclists

Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog | April 26, 2015

Riding a motorcycle has its perks, including good gas mileage and the feeling of freedom as you cruise down the highway. But there are also significant risks that motorcyclists face. Among the most serious hazards motorcyclists face are negligent and inattentive drivers.

Here in California, good weather allows riders to use their motorcycles at all times of year. Because of this, it would be logical to conclude that drivers of cars and trucks would be used to seeing and sharing the road with motorcyclists. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Drivers often end up causing serious accidents because they fail to notice a motorcyclist or misjudge his speed and proximity.

One of the most common and deadly motorcycle accident scenarios is the left-turn accident. This occurs when a car or truck attempts to make a left turn across opposing traffic. Drivers who make left-hand turns are required to wait until traffic has cleared and will remain clear long enough to cross safely.

Sadly, too many drivers turn left directly in front of oncoming motorcycles, leaving no time for riders to slow down or steer themselves out of the way. In many cases, left-turn accidents prove to be fatal for motorcyclists.

To be sure, there are certain accident scenarios in which the motorcyclist is likely to be at fault or to have contributed to the crash. But left-turn accidents are, with only a few exceptions, nearly always the turning driver’s fault.

If you’ve been injured in any type of motorcycle accident involving another vehicle, insurance isn’t always enough to cover the costs associated with medical care and long-term disability. If you believe the other driver was partially or fully at fault, please discuss your case with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.