Last pending case against Yamaha over Rhino ATV decided

Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog | March 9, 2015

More than 10 years ago, Yamaha introduced an all terrain vehicle (ATV) called the Rhino. Many off-roading enthusiasts were thrilled with the release, as the Rhino was packed with the power and terrain ability of a typical ATV or four-wheeler, but allows a driver and passenger to sit side-by-side, much like a golf cart.

In the years after the Rhino’s release, more and more accidents were reported. Many of the accidents involved unexpected vehicle rollovers, and some involved catastrophic injuries or even death. The real shocker is that many of these incidents occurred while users were riding leisurely in their own backyards.

As a result of the various accidents, many victims chose to file suit against Yamaha, alleging that Rhino’s unstable design contributes to rollovers. There were so many cases that the proceedings had to be coordinated by the California Judicial Council.

The last of the cases coordinated by the Council was decided last month and Yamaha came out ahead.

A California woman and her husband sued Yamaha for $16.7 million after they were involved in an accident that led to the amputation of the woman’s right leg. The couple alleged that the accident was caused by stability problems with the vehicle, but the jury disagreed.

An attorney for the couple said that the jury likely based its decision on the evidence that was allowed to be entered in the six-week-long trial. He said his clients have not yet decided whether to appeal the decision.

Although this was reportedly the last case coordinated by the California Judicial Council to go to trial, it might not be the last time Yamaha has to defend itself over the safety of the Rhino.

If you or a family member was seriously injured on a Rhino, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer right away about your options.