Importance of slowing down in light snow

Car Accidents,Our Blog | January 12, 2016

During the winter, California motorists need to be aware that light snow or ice may be very dangerous. While many drivers fail to slow down when snow or ice is light or when it first starts, a lot of accidents occur in such conditions.

Perceptions of motorists can play a major role. People may not realize that the road has become slick, and they may thus not slow down like they should. Meteorologists warn that as little as an inch of snow or a light glazing of ice is enough to cause accidents.

According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, close to 25 percent of all accidents that occurred between 2004 and 2013 were caused by weather conditions, with well over 40 percent attributable to snow, slush, sleet or ice. Each year, people must adapt themselves to the changing weather conditions winter brings. One issue is people ignore weather advisories, not slowing down when they hear them. When it first begins to snow, people should drive slower, as the road may be slick even if it wasn’t a few minutes before.

Many car crashes happen because people are driving too fast for the weather conditions. Even if motorists are driving at the speed limit at the time of the accident, they may lose control and cause an injury accident if the speed is too fast for the state of the road. A person who has been injured in such an accident may want to have the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in filing a lawsuit against the negligent motorist that would seek compensation for medical expenses and other losses.