How often do falls happen in nursing homes?

Our Blog,personal injury | March 18, 2017

Falls are a serious risk for the elderly. They can lead to physical issues like concussions and broken bones and to emotional issues like depression and isolation. They can even prove fatal for those who are already in a rather fragile state. So, how often do they happen?

Some reports indicate that they’re very common, with anywhere from half to three-quarters of all those living in nursing homes falling at least once during the year. The rate in nursing homes is more than twice as high as it is for those who live in other communities.

Overall, elderly fall rates come out at around 2.6 falls for every person, every year. Naturally, this means that some people don’t fall at all and others fall far more than 2.6 times, but such a high average still shows that all elderly individuals are at risk.

If you’re wondering how many of these falls turn into Strategies for Reducing Falls in Long-Term Care,” Betty Willy, Christine M. Osterberg, accessed March 14, 2017