How many car crashes happen every 24 hours?

Our Blog,personal injury | March 23, 2017

When you look at car accident stats as they’re usually reported, on a yearly basis, the numbers can be rather overwhelming. The National Safety Council has estimated that there are 10 million car accidents every single year, for instance. On an annual basis, around 37,000 people are killed in these crashes.

If you increase the scope to look at all global accidents, an astounding 1.3 million people pass away after auto accidents, while anywhere from 20 to 50 million are hurt or disabled. The exact numbers are hard to pin down for numerous reasons, but it’s clear that there’s a high level of danger. In the U.S., over 2 million people are hurt.

But what if you want to know the daily risk, making the numbers a bit easier to digest? If you run the numbers out, there are about 27,000 accidents each day. A mere 0.3 percent are deadly.

If that number still seems high, remember that it looks at all accidents. A five-car pileup due to a How many car accidents happen each day?,” accessed March 21, 2017