High school remembers 2 who died in an Interstate 80 collision

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | October 6, 2017

Driving an automobile comes with real and serious risks. Unfortunately, no one who lives in the modern world can avoid these risks. Whether you own a car or not, you’re bound to ride in a vehicle at some point. It might be a bus, taxi, your own car or the car of your friend. Even if you avoid vehicles altogether, you will still have to navigate the risks of being a pedestrian, which can be even more dangerous.

Unfortunately, a recent accident in Sacramento exemplifies these dangers. A fatal crash happened along Interstate 80 in late September that left two people deceased and three more in critical condition. The collision involved six vehicles.

Police tended to the accident and investigated the scene, but they are still not sure how the crash happened. Investigators are currently trying to determine whether drugs or alcohol may have played a role in causing the incident. Last Thursday, friends and family gathered to remember the deceased at Grant High School. They dedicated a school jersey to one of the people who died, and they released balloons into the air in memory of the departed.

Most Roseville residents will never have to suffer from a serious injury relating to car accidents, but some of us will. Whether you were hurt, or your loved one was injured or killed, dealing with the aftereffects of an auto collision will not be easy.

In addition to the struggles associated with healing after an injurious car crash — or coming to terms with the death of a loved one — there will be massive financial costs and expenses associated with medical care, loss of income and more. In some cases, victims can pursue the financial damages relating to a motor vehicle collision in civil court by filing claims against the parties who were at fault for the crash.

Source: CBS Sacramento, “Memorial Held At Grant High For 2 Killed In Crash On I-80,” Sep. 29, 2017