Head injuries after car accidents can have devastating effects

Car Accidents,medical expenses,Our Blog,personal injury | May 19, 2014

Head injuries are a common result of car accidents, and they can occur even after a somewhat minor collision. However, as we explained in a recent article, the long-term effects of head injuries can be anything but minor.

When a car accident victim’s brain is injured during a car accident, such as after being ejected from the vehicle or even forcefully striking the steering wheel or windshield, it can be difficult to evaluate the damage that the injury has caused for some time.

New studies are even showing that brain injuries can affect an accident victim years down the road. For example, a recent study conducted in Sweden suggested that people who had suffered traumatic brain injuries were more likely to die prematurely than others who had not suffered brain injuries.

Research has also suggested that serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease, addiction and post traumatic stress disorder are more likely to occur in victims of traumatic brain injuries. Suicide also appears to be more prevalent in individuals who have had serious brain injuries.

Although, one caveat to the research is that people who have had a traumatic brain injury could be more prone to risk-taking behavior in the first place, researchers say.

Ultimately, our brains are extremely fragile and complex, which is why it’s important to seek medical treatment right away after suffering head injury in a car accident in order to begin rehabilitation, if necessary.

Additionally, if negligence on behalf of someone else was to blame for the accident, it’s wise to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer about whether it is possible to seek damages to help cover the medical expenses and other costs that could result from the injury.