Have you considered these driving safety tips?

Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog | June 22, 2018

What if someone gave you a handful of driving safety tips and told you that each one would make you and your family 5 percent less likely to get into a car accident. Would you follow the tips or simply continue with your normal, riskier driving habits? Hopefully, everyone reading this blog would follow all of the safety tips provided and then ask for some more and build them into their driving habits.

Unfortunately, based on the driving habits of the typical California driver, it seems that — as a society — we are a long way off from perfect driver safety records. Until then, we’re left to do whatever we can to stay safe on our own. In keeping with this idea, here are two driving safety tips you might want to put into practice immediately:

Always keep one hand on the wheel

You’d be surprised how many California drivers navigate traffic on the freeway by bracing the steering wheel with their knees alone. This is extremely dangerous. In fact, you should keep two hands on the wheel at 10:00 and 2:00 as much as possible. This will give you the best ability to react during a dangerous event. At the very least, you should always have at least one hand on the wheel.

Keep your eyes peeled for children

If you’re in an area where children are likely to be playing — in a neighborhood or by a school, for example — slow down your driving and keep a look out for little ones. If you do spot some children, slow down more and give them plenty of leeway as kids are known to dart out into traffic unexpectedly.

These are just a couple tips to make sure you’re paying attention. Ultimately, use your common sense, drive defensively and follow all of the rules of the road if you want to dramatically reduce the chances of getting into a serious auto collision and the need for an accident lawyer.