Fiery car accident causes 2 deaths on California Interstate

Car Accidents | September 25, 2014

A fiery crash recently took place in California, claiming two people’s lives. The accident took place in the area of Highway 580. This type of car accident typically leaves family members of the deceased victims questioning what caused the crash and grieving for their loved ones.

According to police, witnesses said it appeared that a car was speeding prior to the night-time collision. The witnesses reportedly said that a speeding sports car was going east on the Interstate. The car then caught fire, and rescue crews couldn’t do much to save the people in the car because of the magnitude of the fire. The fire was so massive that authorities had a hard time identifying the car’s make and model as well as the identities of the victims.

The accident apparently happened when the automobile clipped a sport utility vehicle and then left the highway. It then descended an embankment before colliding with a tree. While the two people in the car died, no one in the SUV suffered injuries.

Speeding may be considered negligent driving. When police uncover the victims’ identities, the family members of the passenger in the car might decide to file a wrongful death claim against the estate of the driver. Any separate owner of the allegedly speeding car may also be sued in this case. The dead passenger’s loved ones have the right to seek reimbursement for damages caused by the tragic car accident, which can help to pay for funeral costs, lost wages and other damages recognized by California laws.

Source:, “Two killed in crash off I-580 in Pleasanton“, Amy Hollyfield, Sept. 17, 2014