Father of 3 killed after being caught up in California drag race

Car Accidents,Our Blog | February 26, 2014

Whenever a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, there’s always a certain amount of unpredictability. However, taking steps to drive cautiously — and counting on others to do the same — can provide some reassurance for safety. The unfortunate reality is that drivers don’t always uphold their responsibilities and others can suffer as a result.

Not long ago, a 31-year-old California man was leaving a friend’s house when he was inadvertently caught in the path of two other vehicles involved in a street race. The man, father to three boys, attempted to make a left-hand turn, but one of the vehicles involved in the race clipped his vehicle.

One of the vehicles involved in the race, a pickup truck, was able to avoid the collision and kept on driving. On the other hand, both of the drivers involved in the car accident suffered serious injuries. The difference, however, is that the innocent bystander was pronounced dead by first responders even before he could be transported to a hospital.

Immediately after the crash, police initiated an investigation. Authorities may be including road rage as one of the factors influencing the accident. Whatever the case, two motorists were driving in reckless fashion just before the incident occurred. As a result, three young boys are without a father.

Street-race participants might think of their actions as a way to have fun. However, by partaking in this type of illegal activity, anyone else on or near the road is immediately put at risk. While racing another driver at high speeds, it’s obviously easy to lose sight of traffic regulations and what else is happening on the road. More than anything, drag racing prevents drivers from fulfilling their primary responsibility: safety.

Source: CBS SF News, “Fairfield Father Killed In Wreck Caused By Car Involved In Street Race,” Feb. 24, 2014