Family sues Caitlyn Jenner for California accident

Car Accidents,Our Blog | December 18, 2015

On Dec. 4, a family that was involved in Caitlyn Jenner’s February 2015 car accident that left one person dead filed a lawsuit against her. The lawsuit alleges that four members of the family and a fifth occupant suffered serious injuries when Jenner’s car collided with their vehicle on the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

Investigators determined that Jenner was driving at unsafe speeds when she struck a vehicle directly in front of her. The vehicle, which was being driven by a woman, was pushed into oncoming traffic. The family’s SUV then struck the woman’s vehicle, resulting in the death of the woman. The lawsuit stated that the driver of the sports utility vehicle suffered serious injuries to his wrists while a passenger suffered blunt-force injuries that required continuous treatment.

The lawsuit did not indicate the amount in damages the family was seeking from Jenner and Jenner’s publicist did not provide a comment. Jenner was reportedly already facing lawsuits from the deceased woman’s stepchildren and from another driver who suffered injuries in the accident.

When a driver causes a car accident when driving at speeds that are not safe for the road or traffic conditions, it is likely that other drivers and vehicle occupants who become involved could suffer serious injuries. Injured victims often have to undergo expensive medical care and treatment while losing wages due to an inability to return to work during that period. A personal injury attorney can be of assistance by demonstrating, through the police investigation report and other evident, that by driving in such a manner, the motorist was negligent and should thus be held financially responsible for those and other losses.

Source: Claims Journal, “Caitlyn Jenner Sued Again in Fatal California Crash“, Dec. 7, 2015