Falls and falling objects: When gravity drops a load on you

injuries | April 9, 2017

Many of the worst and most common personal injuries involve things falling down.

Consider the many ways objects fall, at the worst possible moment:

  • Objects and even buildings falling at construction sites
  • Crane and scaffold failures
  • Shelf failures in stores
  • Improperly loaded trucks
  • Debris and merchandise blocking the highway
  • Elevator failures
  • Airplane crashes
  • People falling in warehouses, self-service businesses, worksites, store aisles, construction zones and nursing homes

With all the space junk in our upper atmosphere, it’s surprising that falling satellites don’t cause more injuries

Injuries from falls and falling objects spill across every category – motor vehicle injuries, nursing home injuries, premises liability. Injuries range from broken bones and dislocations to head and brain damage, crushed organs, spinal injuries and death.

When gravity drops a load on you, you have legal options to pay for your injuries and time lost from work. Our firm handles a broad spectrum of cases in which people’s lives are turned upside-down by falls and falling objects. Our goal is always maximum compensation for the type of injury you have suffered – to cover medical costs, work interruption, and the expenses that go with rehabilitation for your type of injury.

It is common for people to shrug off many of these injuries, because they want to be brave, or they are reluctant to complain. While these are admirable qualities, they do not pay your bills or restore you to full function.

If you or a family member has been injured in a falling incident, talk to us. We will give you a clear picture of what is in store for you, including the quality of your case and the amount of damages you may have coming to you.