Escaped camel bites California man on the head

injuries | February 21, 2014

In a bizarre animal attack, a man was bitten on the head when a camel escaped its enclosure last Friday and terrorized locals in a Southern California community. According to authorities, the camel got out of its pen at around 8:30 in the morning and went on a rampage for approximately 45 minutes before it was contained. During the incident, a man received an animal bite injury and had to be transported to the hospital for treatment. Unlike a dog bite injury, this incident was strange enough to make the news across the country.

The incident occurred at a rural animal enclosure located approximately 50 miles north of Los Angeles. According to news reports, the police officers who responded to the scene said that the camel was “acting crazy” and chasing both cars and people. Somehow, in the midst of the chaos, the camel bit a man in the head.

Firefighters and deputies managed to capture the runaway camel at 9:15 and put it back into its pen until animal control officers arrived to take custody. The camel was transported to a facility in Lancaster so that a veterinarian team could examine the animal and assess its health. The owner of the camel allegedly does not have the permit required to keep the animal and could receive a citation.

While this incident is a bit different from traditional dog attack stories that appear in the news, it is still a clear example of an animal bite injury that could have been prevented. The man injured by the camel might have good cause to seek recompense for pain and suffering or medical expenses, especially since the owner did not have a permit. People who own animals of any kind are obligated to make sure they are contained when necessary to keep the public safe and free of injury. If the unthinkable should occur, a qualified Sacramento dog bite attorney with experience handling animal or dog attack cases can help the injured party receive proper compensation.

Source: New York Daily News, “Camel escapes enclosure in Southern California, attacks people and cars” Philip Caulfield, Feb. 14, 2014