Driving under the influence may have caused California crash

Car Accidents,Our Blog | December 31, 2013

Vehicle accidents in California are often fatal due to the fact that a large amount of damage can stem from the mixture of speed and the immediate impact of two automobiles. When a car accident results in the deaths of individuals, the surviving loved ones might question how such a harrowing event could have occurred. Grief may soon morph into anger if evidence suggests that one person’s driving under the influence caused the crash. These family members may elect to pursue legal claims for financial damages in an effort to achieve a feeling of justice for a tragic situation that seems unjust.

A rollover wreck happened when a vehicle was heading north and continued to go straight even though the street turned slightly to the right. The vehicle went over a curb and an embankment. It ended up plunging to a depth of 200 feet into a ravine.

Two individuals died in the accident — a 24-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman. In addition, another 19-year-old woman suffered minor injuries, and her unborn baby died in the crash. The unborn child was 19 weeks old. Police say most of the people in the car were intoxicated when the collision occurred.

The person who was driving the vehicle that went over the curb may face legal challenges in the form of wrongful death lawsuits. This is because the deceased parties’ loved ones could file claims against the driver if it is found that the driver indeed was driving under the influence of alcohol or was negligent or reckless behind the wheel. Evidence of such behavior may help to prove that an individual is financially responsible for the fatal wreck in a California civil court.

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