Dog bite data from the World Health Organization

compensation,Dog Bites & Injuries,Our Blog | December 12, 2014

The World Health Organization reports that animal bites are a large cause of injury and even death all around the world. Near the top of the list are snake bites, which impact up to five million people every year.

However, dog bites rank even more highly, with worldwide reports showing that injuries sustained each year could be in the tens of millions. While it is fair to say that many snake bites are more dangerous due to their venom, the frequency with which people are bitten by dogs may take some people by surprise.

To narrow things down a bit, the totals from the United States come in at about 4.5 million. Surprisingly, it seems that a mere 885,000 people go in after they are bitten for medical treatment. Of those, reconstructive surgery is needed for approximately 30,000 people, and anywhere between 10 and 20 people pass away annually from their injuries.

It has also been noted that children are at a greater risk for being attacked by dogs than adults. While initial damage — such as lacerations, puncture wounds, and infections — are certainly a concern, one of the biggest reported issues after a dog bite is rabies. Those who are bitten may want to be tested quickly to make sure that they have not been infected.

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Source: WHO, “Animal bites” Dec. 12, 2014