Does your vehicle make a difference in a crash?

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | July 24, 2018

Personal injuries can run the gamut from minor to severe when you crash. The vehicle you’re in at the time of the crash makes a significant difference in how dangerous a crash is for you. A person in a semitruck, for instance, is less likely to suffer injuries compared to someone who is in a passenger car or riding a motorcycle.

Force plays a role in how serious an injury is. Speed does as well. The vehicles involved also matter.

1. Motorcycles

Motorcyclists often end up with significant injuries because of their exposure to harm. When they ride, motorcyclists have nothing around them that can protect them in the case of a crash. There are no seat belts, and if the rider is impacted, the person’s body takes the force.

2. Passenger vehicles

The safety of passenger vehicles varies, but for most people, if both vehicles are of a similar weight and size, this helps. The bumpers of the vehicles are intended to hit and absorb shock. Side-impact crashes are typically the most dangerous.

3. Semitruck collisions

The driver of a semi is usually the least likely to be injured in crashes due to the height of the cabin along with the weight of the semi. Smaller vehicles that come into contact with the large truck are likely to be crushed or significantly impacted, however, and those inside can be seriously or fatally injured.

These are a few reasons why the vehicle you drive will play a role in the injuries you suffer. Following a crash, it’s always in your best interest to seek medical help and then contact a Sacramento accident lawyer to determine what your legal options are.