Do schools have to prevent bullying?

Our Blog,Premises Liability | February 27, 2018

No matter where you live, you want to know that your child’s school is safe. There are so many hazards that could impact your child at school that it’s hard to imagine them all. However, it’s a school’s job to keep your child safe when he or she is in its care.

Protecting your child doesn’t just mean preventing physical injuries. Schools also have an obligation to protect your child against bullying and harassment. Schools should take steps to protect your child’s right to freedom and sense of privacy. Most importantly, you want to know that when your child goes to school, he or she is learning in a safe, supportive environment.

Today’s world is not like it was five or 10 years ago. With the internet, a booming population and quick-paced social media, it’s harder for children to live easy lives. They’re constantly bombarded with photos, videos and information. They’re hearing about things that happened four classes over while they’re happening.

Regardless of the changes in technology, schools need to do everything they can to keep children safe. Children facing bullying need to be protected; bullies need to receive penalties and parents have to be informed. Stopping bullying and harassment at the source is the only way to keep children safe and to monitor the negative behaviors of those who may struggle with relationships with others.

If you find that your child suffers because the school won’t protect him or her from bullies or other dangers, you have the right to speak up and reach out to file a premises liability claim. Schools have a responsibility to keep your children safe.

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