Did your smartphone explode?

Our Blog,personal injury | April 22, 2017

Smartphones, e-cigarettes and a variety of other consumer products that use rechargeable lithium ion batteries are in constant danger of exploding and causing injury to their users. For example, Samsung recalled a number of its Note 7 phablets because consumers were suffering severe burns when the digital devices exploded.

E-cigarettes are in danger of exploding too. They might explode when you’re taking a drag on the device, or while you’re holding it in your hand or pocket. In all these cases, unstable lithium ion batteries are to blame.

There are safe ways that electronic manufacturers use lithium ion batteries and unsafe ways. Nevertheless, manufacturers are putting consumers at risk through the use of such batteries in laptops, tablets, cellphones, e-cigarettes, children’s toys and other electronic devices. This is creating real and serious liability concerns for consumers across the United States.

Especially if a consumer is hurt, but the device manufacturer never warned the consumer of the dangers associated with lithium ion batteries, the injured consumer could have a viable claim for damages in court. If successfully navigated, such a claim could bring the injured person money to pay for his or her medical care.