Did your child get hurt in a vehicle accident?

Our Blog,personal injury | April 14, 2017

Roseville parents tend to have very full lives that involve driving their children to school, getting to work and running errands all over town. Spending so much time in a vehicle, however, comes with very real risks. Parents and their children could be involved in motor vehicle accidents at any time.

A typical accident might happen like this. You were driving your child to school one morning, following all traffic laws, when suddenly an inattentive driver distracted by his or her cellphone drives into the back of you. You were fortunate to escape the incident without injury, but your child was not so lucky. His head jerked hard and he suffered a concussion and a serious whiplash injury.

After an ambulance ride and numerous hospital and doctors bills — not to mention several weeks of rehabilitation services — you are suffering financially and you don’t know how you’re going to get out of debt. What you might not realize is, you probably have a strong claim to seek financial restitution for your child’s medical care. If the individual who hit you was indeed texting-while-driving, you can hold him or her accountable for this negligent behavior by filing a personal injury claim.

At Rosenthal Law, our Sacramento car crash lawyers represent victims of motor vehicle accidents in California, and we’re particularly interested in defending the rights of young children hurt due to no fault of their own. There’s no reason for the parents of such an injured child to fall into debt problems because of another driver’s highly unconscionable and unlawful behavior.