Did you Get Hit from Behind?

Our Blog,personal injury | June 23, 2017

Imagine you were driving your children home from school one afternoon and a pickup truck hits your car from behind. Not only was the accidents surprising, but it didn’t make sense. You gave the person plenty of time to slow down. Your stop wasn’t abrupt or sharp. The roads weren’t slick. It’s almost as if the driver who hit you wasn’t even looking at the road in front of him.

At Rosenthal Law, we have a theory about accidents like this. We think a lot of them are caused by smartphone operators who aren’t paying attention to the road. This is why we always ask to look at an at-fault driver’s cellphone logs in the minutes leading up to a particular accident.

Cellphone’s don’t lie. If the computer chip in the phone recorded that the driver was texting or posting on Facebook at the time of the collision, then the evidence is pretty clear that the driver probably wasn’t looking at the road ahead of him or her. And this may be sufficient to convict him or her of distracted driving.

There are many other pieces of information that can be used to support a distracted driving charge and financial claims relating to injuries. A personal injury lawyer can be a vital part of evaluating the viability of such a lawsuit before it’s actually filed. If you or a loved one were injured after being hit from behind, be sure to reach out for support as soon as possible.