Deadly crash leaves 4 Secret Service agents seriously injured

Car Accidents,Our Blog | January 4, 2016

California residents who are following the 2016 presidential race may be interested in knowing about an incident that occurred in New Hampshire on Dec. 29, 2015. News sources reported that a head-on collision involving the Secret Service left one person dead and six others injured. According to sources, four agents, who were reportedly on-duty at the time of the incident, were among those who were seriously hurt in the crash on New Hampshire’s Route 16. Authorities did not release the identities of the agents.

Although several White House contenders are campaigning in the state, it is unclear as to who the agents were protecting at the time of the crash. Following the incident, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released a statement expressing her sadness and concern for all the victims and their families. Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy confirmed that although injuries sustained by the four agents were serious, they did not appear to be life-threatening.

The Secret Service officers were headed southbound on Route 16 when a northbound Mercury Sable crossed the roadway’s double-yellow lines and traveled into the path of their oncoming Ford Taurus. The 45-year-old driver of the Mercury was pronounced dead at the scene, and the Mercury’s two passengers were injured. Reports indicate that the agents were taken to Frisbie Memorial Hospital for treatment.

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Source: CNN, “4 Secret Service agents injured in fatal New Hampshire car crash,” Tom LoBianco, Dec. 30, 2015