Common signs of nursing home neglect to watch out for

Our Blog,personal injury | August 4, 2017

Roseville nursing home residents who have the most proactive family members tend to be the ones who receive the best treatment. That’s because their family members are always on alert for the slightest signs of neglect. If something seems off, the nursing home staff hear from the family and they make it right.

Here’s what you should keep an eye out for when you’re visiting your family member in the nursing home:

  • Dehydration: Is your loved one craving something to drink and always asking you to get him or her water when you’re there?
  • Head injuries: Do you notice bruising on your loved one’s face or head?
  • Infected areas: Are there signs of red, swollen or infected areas on your loved one?
  • Bed sores: Did you notice bed sores that won’t go away?
  • Being emotionally upset or agitated: Is your loved one getting angry or overly sad for no apparent reason?
  • Signs of malnutrition: Does your loved one appear to be eating enough?
  • Not wanting to speak when staff members are around: Does your family member get suddenly quiet as soon as a nursing home staff person walks into the room?
  • Unexplained injuries: Did you notice an unexplainable injury?
  • A wish for isolation: Does your loved one want to be alone all of the time and doesn’t want to socialize?
  • Unclean conditions: How clean is your family member’s living area?

Essentially, if anything appears amiss with regard to your loved one’s appearance and behavior, and if anything seems amiss with regard to the nursing home, staff and living arrangements, you may want to dive deeper into finding what’s wrong. Your loved one could be suffering from nursing home neglect or abuse.