Common injuries: Watch out for these motorcycle crash injuries

Our Blog,personal injury | April 9, 2018

If you ride a motorcycle, there’s a chance that you’ll get into a motorcycle crash. Every time you head out, you have to be cautious of other drivers. They don’t always see you, which means you have to see them coming first.

As a motorcyclist, it’s important to wear all your protective gear at all times. The difference between surviving a crash and dying from your injuries could come down to your leather jacket, a helmet or your protective body suit.

What kinds of injuries are you most likely to suffer in a crash?

The most common injuries take place below the belt. The leg and foot area make up around 30 percent of all non-fatal injuries. Around 22 percent of injuries involve the head and neck.

Is wearing a helmet important?

The Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine has shown that wearing a helmet reduces your risk of severe injuries significantly. While the most common injuries are to the legs and feet, any injury to the head or neck could be fatal. Injuries to the feet and legs, even if severe, are often survivable.

How can you be safer on the roads?

Wear your gear. Always cover your body. You need to put something, whether it’s leather or jeans, between you and the road’s surface. Wear a helmet that helps protect your neck and head. Even gloves and heavy jackets keep you safe and reduce the overall impact you face in a motorcycle collision.

After a crash, those responsible are likely going to pay for your injuries, but it’s best if you can avoid injuries in the first place. Wearing the right gear can help.

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