Coming soon: Operation Safe Driver Week

Car Accidents,Our Blog | August 10, 2016

Every year, a number of Californians are seriously injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents, some of which involve collisions with large trucks. In order to help to combat the problem, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance as well as local law enforcement agencies will be conducting Operation Safe Driver Week Oct. 16 – 22.

The event is meant to raise driver awareness of poor driving behaviors that can lead to serious accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that 93 percent of passenger vehicle crashes and 88 percent of large truck accidents happen because of negligent driving behaviors. Agencies will be addressing bad driving behaviors through a combination of education and enforcement.

Law enforcement officers will use stepped-up enforcement tactics during the week, looking for many different types of problem driving behaviors. They will stop people who do such things as following too closely, failing to wear seat belts, speeding, and failing to obey traffic signs. In addition to increased enforcement by the police, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will simultaneously put on educational campaigns aimed at increasing driver awareness.

Poor driving behaviors can result in catastrophic crashes, leaving people suffering from potentially life-altering injuries. The injured victims of such accidents might want to file personal injury civil lawsuits against the negligent drivers. By doing so, the injured plaintiffs may be able to hold the drivers responsible for paying damages. The available damages will depend on the individual facts and circumstances of a person’s case as well as the extent of the injuries.